WORT FM “Nestora Salgado And The Struggle To Fight Against Corruption”

Today Karma Chavez talks with Grisel Rodriguez, daughter of Nestora Salgado, the indigenous Mexican woman imprisoned for fighting state violence.

Nestora Salgado is a naturalized U.S. born in Guerrero, Mexico. The indigenous activist moved to the United States in 1991, and returned two decades to help lead a rebellion against drug traffickers and corrupt local authorities.

Salgado has been detained by the Mexico government in a high-security prison for over two years now, after standing up to state violence and corruption in her hometown of Guerrero. She is currently being threatened with solitary confinement.

Grisel Rodriquez works with the Free Nestora Campaign, which was started by Salgado’s family in 2013. The Free Nestora Committee works in collaboration with the Comité Nestora Libre in Mexico, and demands freedom in several states in Mexico as well as Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Argentina and Europe.

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La Jornada: “Solicita EU a gobernador de Guerrero interceder para liberar a Nestora Salgado”

Chilpancingo, 10 de noviembre.- El gobernador de Guerrero, Héctor Astudillo Flores, informó ayer que la embajada de Estados Unidos solicitó la intervención de la administración estatal para que se logre poner en libertad a Nestora Salgado García, ex comandanta de la Policía Comunitaria en Olinalá, quien cuenta con doble nacionalidad (mexicana y estadunidense) y está presa desde hace más de dos años.


Chilpancingo, November 10 – The governor of Guerrero, Héctor Astudillo Flores, reported yesterday that the US Embassy asked for his intervention to free Nestora Salgado García, the ex commander of the Olinalá Community Police, who has US and Mexican citizenship, and has been jailed for more than two years.

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The Takeaway: “American Jailed in Mexico for Taking on the Drug Cartels”

Nestora Salgado is a mother of three who left her hometown of Olinala, Mexico as a teenager 20 years ago for a new life in the United States. She became an American citizen and worked three jobs to provide for her family. But after a car accident in 2002 nearly killed her, she quit working and moved back to her hometown just as drug cartel rivalries became more violent.

The cartels fought for territory around Olinala, subjecting residents to kidnappings, extortion, and murder. Outraged, Nestora became the leader of a community police force that took on the cartels by arresting murderers and drug dealers. She operated under legally recognized community policing rules that were enacted to protect indigenous populations after a massacre of peasants by state security forces in 1995.

Two years ago she was arrested by Mexican authorities.

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Vídeo – #NestoraLibre

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México, D.F., 4 de Junio de 2015. Familiares de Nestora Salgado y organizaciones sociales marcharon este jueves hacia el Centro de Readaptación Social de Tepepan exigiendo la liberación inmediata de “La Comandanta”.

Freedom fighter, journalist and political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal speaks out on behalf of Nestora Salgado.

Mumia Abu-Jamal

Mumia Abu-Jamal

In two broadcasts on Prison Radio, which is carried by over one hundred radio stations, Mumia explains the case of indigenous leader Nestora Salgado who is a political prisoner in Mexico. Mumia also reads excerpts from her October message to students protesting the disappearance of 43 of their classmates in Ayotzinapa in the state of Guerrero.

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Mexican protests for Ayotzinapa

Thousands gathered in cities across Mexico to demonstrate against widespread political corruption and to fight for Nestora’s freedom. As these events grow larger and larger in number, it is becoming increasingly clear that our voices will not be silenced, and we must continue our pressure until justice is obtained!

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