El Sur: “Marchan por la libertad de presos de la Policía Comunitaria”

Marchan más de 2 mil manifestantes en la capital para exigir la libertad de presos de la Policía Comunitaria

Participan familiares de detenidos, integrantes de la CRAC, de la CETEG y del SUSPEG, padres y familiares de los 43 normalistas, estudiantes de Ayotzinapa y activistas. Reiteran su rechazo a las reformas estructurales

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Seattle Globalist: Nestora Salgado accusers fail to appear in court; supporters mark anniversary

Two years after community police force leader Nestora Salgado’s arrest on charges of kidnapping, the Renton woman still awaits her day in court.

Salgado returned to her hometown of Olinala, Mexico and took a leadership position in a community police force to address the growing level of crime, until she was arrested on charges of kidnapping. The arrest took place after the group arrested a town official on suspicion of theft. Salgado’s supporters say the community police force was sanctioned by the state, and that her arrest is politically motivated.

According to local newspaper Proceso, six witnesses against Salgado failed to appear in court to testify on the state charges against earlier this month.

“They didn’t show up and she cannot defend herself,” said Alejandra Gonza, a professor at the University of Washington School of Law who is helping Salgado with her case.

Salgado’s husband, Jose Avila, says that Salgado, 43, wants to face her accusers.

“She feels kind of angry. The state government (of Guerrero) says, ‘We have these victims.’ But when it comes time for court, nobody shows up,” Avila said.

“If you’re a victim, don’t you want to tell your story to the judge?” he said.

But while the absence of witnesses might get a case dismissed in the United States, the judge in Salgado’s case postponed the hearing, said co-counsel Thomas Antkowiak, a professor at the Seattle University School of Law. Salgado’s next court date is scheduled for Aug. 31.

“She hasn’t been convicted of anything — this is all pre-trial and she’s been in detention for two years,” Antkowiak said.

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U.S. solidarity actions for Nestora

On June 1, 2015 supporters held demonstrations at Mexican consulates in cities across the United States in an effort to raise awareness of Nestora Salgado’s imprisonment. Photos and details about the events in San Diego, Seattle, San Francisco, New York City, and Chicago follow.
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Mexican protests for Ayotzinapa

Thousands gathered in cities across Mexico to demonstrate against widespread political corruption and to fight for Nestora’s freedom. As these events grow larger and larger in number, it is becoming increasingly clear that our voices will not be silenced, and we must continue our pressure until justice is obtained!

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