El Diario: “Nestora Salgado regresa a EEUU; promete regresar a México”

A cuatro días de haber recuperado su libertad, Nestora Salgado, que estuvo presa por más de dos años en la Ciudad de México, acusada de robo y secuestro, regresó a Estados Unidos, ya que tiene doble nacionalidad.

La líder de la policía comunitaria de Olinalá, Guerrero, fue liberada el pasado viernes, por falta de pruebas, luego de haber sido encarcelada desde agosto de 2013.

Salgado llegó el martes a Seattle fue recibida por su esposo y simpatizantes que corearon su nombre a su arribo en el Aeropuerto Internacional Seattle-Tacoma.

“Me siento feliz. Me siento emocionada. Sentía que no lo iba a lograr nunca. Pero Dios hizo justicia. Estoy aquí”, manifestó la líder de la policía comunitaria de Olinalá, Guerrero, según destaca la agencia AP.

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Congressman Adam Smith’s Statement on Release of Nestora Salgado

Congressman Adam Smith joins the many of us rejoicing at Nestora’s release.

“The family and friends of Nestora Salgado have been unrelenting in their pursuit of justice for Nestora. Today, after over two years of wrongful imprisonment, and a recent UN decision calling Nestora’s detention illegal and arbitrary, the false charges against Nestora have been dropped by Mexican authorities. Nestora has been released from prison and is now able to return home to the United States.

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Seattle Times: “Renton woman returns home after 2½ years in Mexican prisons”

Nestora Salgado returned home on Tuesday after being released from prison in Mexico. She said she was happy but in pain, and also determined to fight for others yet to be freed.


“I have too much trouble to walk,” said Salgado, 44, who was released by Mexican authorities Friday after judges cleared her of kidnapping charges related to arrests made by a community police force she headed. Suffering from a neurological condition that went untreated in prison, and kept for much of that time in solitary confinement, she also said she had pain in her arms and her spine.

The homecoming for the Renton woman seemed joyous, nonetheless. Her husband, José Luis Avila, was the first to hug her as she came through the gate with one of her grown daughters, Grisel Rodriguez Salgado, tightly clutching her arms.

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TeleSUR: “Jailed Mexican Activist Nestora Salgado Fighting for Freedom”

Nestora Salgado was immediately slapped with new charges after judges ordered her release, but lawyers are hopeful she will still soon walk free.

Jailed U.S.-Mexican activist Nestora Salgado remains in prison despite a court order demaning her release, some 30 months after being arrested. However, the weak footing of the new homicide and kidnapping charges leveled against her might mean she’s close to regaining her freedom, local media reported Wednesday.

Salgado, a Mexican-born U.S. citizen, was arrested in August 2013 on charges of kidnapping and engaging in organized crime after returning to her hometown of Olinala in the violence-ridden state of Guerrero to organize a community police force, and to take a stand against drug cartels and state complicity in violence.


KOMO News: “Pressure mounting to release Renton woman from Mexican prison”

According to the International Human Rights Clinic at Seattle University School of Law, Guerrero law and the Mexican Constitution guarantee the rights of indigenous communities to form their own security institutions. Salgado’s group was officially part of state law enforcement and had the express approval of Guerrero’s governor, the clinic states.

“Today’s her birthday,” said Salgado’s husband Sunday night from his apartment in Renton.

Jose Abila’s never given up hope that his wife will come home.

“I know what I have to do, you know. Every single day keep fighting for her to come home,” he said. “The only thing we need is for the U.S. government to do the final push for her to get released.”

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TeleSUR: “Mexican Activist Nestora Salgado Celebrates Birthday in Prison”

Jailed Mexican activist Nestora Salgado has yet to see freedom two and a half years since she was arrested amid organizing a community police force in the violence-ridden state of Guerrero, but she was far from alone Sunday as family members and supporters gathered outside the prison to celebrate the community leader’s birthday and continue demanding her release.

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King 5 News: “Seattle resolution calls for Nestora Salgado’s release”

Seattle city council is joining in the debate of whether to join the growing chorus of calls for the immediate release of Nestora Salgado, a former Renton resident, who is now in a Mexican prison.

Salgado was arrested in August, 2013 in her home state of Guerrero, where she led a legal community police force to fend off organized crime.

A resolution brought forward by council member Kshama Sawant would urge authorities in Mexico and the United States to “increase its efforts to secure her release.”

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U.N. ruling boosts campaign for Nestora’s release!

The United Nation’s Working Group on Arbitrary Detention in Geneva, Switzerland has ruled that Nestora’s arrest and detention are illegal! International pressure for her release is escalating. (See article below.)

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Tell U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to call on the Mexican government to release U.S. citizen and political prisoner Nestora Salgado before her birthday on Feb. 28!

The U.S. Campaign to Free Nestora is collaborating with Jornada por Nestora to mobilize supporters nationwide. Tweet, call and email repeatedly demanding that Nestora not spend a third birthday behind bars.

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