Deputies require record review Nestora Salgado community leader, arrested in 2013

By Enrique Mendez and Roberto Garduño

Mexico, DF. Representatives of the Commission on Human Rights called for the revision of the file that was opened against Nestora Salgado Garcia, coordinator of community policing Olinalá, Guerrero, who was arrested in August 2013 for military, marine, state police and municipal, and who has reported violations of their rights and be forced to sign documents to incriminate.

Lawmakers matches of the Democratic Revolution Party of Labour and Citizens’ Movement raised to consider all exculpatory evidence in favor of Salgado Garcia, respect human rights and ensure you provide all legal guarantees as imputed.

Members noted that the self-defense movement emerged Olinalá October 27, 2012 with the objective of stopping crime in Guerrero to the failure of the authorities, and that the arrest occurred Nestora Salgado allegedly in retaliation for days before police Community detained criminal suspects linked to city authorities.

Read more at La Jornada >>

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