Al-Jazeera Plus Coverage: “U.S. Citizen Detained In Mexican Prison For Political Reasons”

Watch (and share!) AJ+’s coverage of Nestora Salgado and her family’s attempts to secure her release from federal prison. The video focuses on Nestora’s husband José Rodriguez as he petitions the US government to take action in this tragic situation.

Seattle KIRO TV – Nestora Salgado may soon be released from jail

On January 9, Seattle’s KIRO TV brought more exciting news for those seeking justice for Nestora – suggestions that the jailed Renton activist may soon be released. Embeds are disabled, so click the link below to view the full video:

Renton activist may soon be released from jail in Mexico.

Stephen Durham speaks at Union Square protest in New York City on behalf of the 43 missing Ayotzinapa students and Nestora Salgado.

On November 16, New York City FSP leader Stephen Durham spoke at Union Square on behalf of the Campaign to Free Nestora Salgado. The event was a rally to protest Mexican political oppression and the disappearance of 43 students from the Escuela Normal Rural Raúl Isidro Burgos in Guerrero, Mexico.

August 21 Free Nestora protest New York City

Video of the Free Nestora Salgado protest on August 21 in New York City. Freedom Socialist Party presidential candidate Stephen Durham speaking about Committee for Revolutionary International Regroupment (CRIR). This video is en English and Spanish.

Gay Liberation Network interviews Nestora activist Manuel Revueltas

In this episode of the Gay Liberation Network on Chicago Access Network TV, activist Manuel Revueltas joins GLN to discuss not only Nestora Salgado’s case, but the larger issues it raises for people in Mexico and the U.S. For more information, go to