Guerrero: Community Police Leader Nestora Salgado Still in Federal Prison

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Guerrero: Community Police Leader Nestora Salgado Still in Federal Prison

Proceso: Marta Lamas*

0-391x293More than four months ago, I wrote about Nestora Salgado, a regional coordinator of the Community Police of Olinalá [Guerrero], who was illegally detained in retaliation for her courageous work against organized crime and municipal corruption; specifically, she was arrested for committing the crime of cattle rustling (stealing animals/livestock) and for presumably being involved in the murders of two ranchers. Accomplices of the official filed a complaint against her for “kidnapping.”

Nestora was arrested in August 2013 during an impressive combined operation by military, state and municipal forces. She was taken first to Acapulco, where she spent six hours incommunicado, then moved a thousand kilometers [622 miles] away, to a maximum security prison in Nayarit. Initially, they ordered ‘preventive prison’ [remanded to prison] thanks to two lawsuits of ordinary…

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