Freedom Socialist Party urges you to get involved in Nestora’s case

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The Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women urge you to join the international movement to free Nestora Salgado, brave indigenous woman and U.S. citizen who is working to help her people by exposing corrupt public officials and is paying for it. This strong, dynamic leader has been in prison in Mexico since August 21, 2013. Her crime was working with residents of her home town in the state of Guerrero to exercise their legal right to form a community police force to protect themselves from violent drug traffickers, criminal gangs, and unscrupulous officials.

Read a letter to U.N. Secretary Miguel de la Lama requesting her release and a statement of facts related to her case.

Read a letter delivered by Dominicans to the Mexican Consulate in the Dominican Republic on Dec. 10th.

You can help Nestora by clicking here to sign the petition demanding that President Obama secure her release.

Find information on demonstrations to be held on December 10, 2013 at U.S. Mexican Consulates at these locations.