Holiday Collection for Nestora Salgado and the Jailed Community Police

The U.S. Campaign to Free Nestora Salgado has launched a Holiday Collection to provide much needed material support to Nestora Salgado and eight Guerrero community police, including Arturo Campos and Gonzalo Molina— all jailed for defending indigenous communities in Guerrero, Mexico.

The good news in 2015 was the transfer of Nestora and the community police last May from high security prisons to jails with less repressive conditions and access to their families, attorneys and the press as a result Nestora’s hunger strike. This brought attention to Nestora’s case and boosted the growing international campaign calling for the freedom of all political prisoners in Mexico.

The bad news is that Nestora and the community police leaders remain imprisoned under onerous conditions.

Nestora’s family has to pay for her personal care items, telephone calls, medicine, nutritious food and cleaning supplies for her prison hospital room. Recently she had a tumor removed from her face and was forced to pay for the pathology report.

The indigenous community police officers all have wives and children who live in conditions of dire poverty.

How you can help

Join the U.S. Campaign to Free Nestora Salgado in supporting this Holiday Collection effort.

We are asking you to help in two ways:

  • Contribute money for the purchase of telephone cards so Nestora can continue to give phone interviews and publicize her plight beyond the prison walls of the Centro Feminil de Readaptación Social in Tepepan, a suburb of Mexico City.

Make a donation to the Freedom for Nestora Fund here online by pushing this button or following this link to

Or make out a check to RW/Nestora Fund and mail it to Freedom for Nestora Fund, 5018 Rainier Ave. So, Seattle, WA 98118.

Send money to buy yarn. The community police need yarn to make handicraft items they can sell to produce income for the wives and children who struggle to make ends meet.

To direct your gift to this end, earmark your check for “yarn donation” and send it to the address above.


Nestora, Arturo, Gonzalo and the other community police have bravely defended their people and persevered under very difficult conditions.  They stand on the front lines in the fight for indigenous and social rights. They deserve our support.



View the PDF here

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