VICE News: “Hunger Strike Called Off by American Woman Jailed in Mexico After Starting Citizen Police Force”

In one of the highest-profile stories about Nestora Salgado’s imprisonment yet, VICE News offers an informative account of her community policing efforts and subsequent arrest, her recent hunger strike, and the international efforts to end her incarceration (including a reference to this website). We encourage all of Nestora’s supporters to share this news story! We must spread the word if we hope to win her release!

VICE News: Hunger Strike Called Off by American Woman Jailed in Mexico After Starting Citizen Police Force

An imprisoned U.S. citizen whose case has come to symbolize the Mexican government’s crackdown on community armed police forces in the state of Guerrero ended a month-long hunger strike on Thursday.

Nestora Salgado, who emigrated from Mexico and became a naturalized citizen in the US state of Washington, agreed to lift the hunger strike she began on May 5 to protest what she and international supporters called false charges of kidnapping and organized crime.

Salgado has been at the center of the struggle over public safety in Guerrero between state officials and grassroots community militias, which have sprung up in differing forms in states such as Michoacan.

Read VICE’s full coverage here.

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