A Conversation with the Family and Friends of Nestora Salgado

Resistance Is Fertile

Approaching the end of 2013, we find ourselves sitting with the family of Nestora Salgado in Olinalá, Guerrero, Mexico. Nestora is the commander of the community police of this town, which belongs to the Regional Coordinating Group of Community Authorities (CRAC in Spanish). Her family members tell us about her and her story.


With pain, they begin to tell us about the condition she has been in since she was arrested by the Mexican army and marines. Initially in solitary confinement in the Tépic Penitentiary in Nayarit, she was deprived of clean drinking water and the medicine and exercise prescribed by her doctor after an injury to her back as a result of an accident. It was only when her sisters were interviewed by a reporter and denounced these privations to human rights organisations that she was given bottled water like her fellow inmates and allowed her medicine. But…

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