Seattle Times: “Renton woman returns home after 2½ years in Mexican prisons”

Nestora Salgado returned home on Tuesday after being released from prison in Mexico. She said she was happy but in pain, and also determined to fight for others yet to be freed.


“I have too much trouble to walk,” said Salgado, 44, who was released by Mexican authorities Friday after judges cleared her of kidnapping charges related to arrests made by a community police force she headed. Suffering from a neurological condition that went untreated in prison, and kept for much of that time in solitary confinement, she also said she had pain in her arms and her spine.

The homecoming for the Renton woman seemed joyous, nonetheless. Her husband, José Luis Avila, was the first to hug her as she came through the gate with one of her grown daughters, Grisel Rodriguez Salgado, tightly clutching her arms.

Read the full story.

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